Building a Pro-Housing Super Force in your Town

NOTE: THIS EVENT HAS PASSED.  Please watch the recording on our youtube

Are you a lone resident just starting to identify like minded pro housing advocates in your town or a newly formed group looking to see what is possible?   Brookline For Everyone started in 2019 with just a couple of people concerned about rising unaffordable housing in Brookline.  In a short time, Brookline For Everyone ramped up to be a pro housing super force in town – surveying and endorsing local candidates and mobilizing a base of pro housing supporters to shape election outcomes.  This past May, Brookline For Everyone ushered in a stunning victory, electing 52 out of 64 endorsed candidates to office including 26 new pro housing candidates to Town Meeting.  Bring your questions and get some supportive inspiration from a panel of Brookline For Everyone leadership telling the story of their pro housing journey.  The panel will discuss their path:

  • Growing a committed core of pro housing leaders for your leadership team
  • How to grow a base of pro housing advocates and volunteers
  • Secrets of collaborative leadership for a new organization
  • The power of effective messaging and the use of social media
  • Having fun and creating community in pro housing work
  • Decision and process to incorporating as a 501c4 and setting up a political action committee (PAC)
  • Use of surveys to identify pro housing candidates running for local office
  • Fundraising for your pro housing group
  • Campaign strategies to elect pro housing candidates

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