City of Boston


AHMA supports the following initiatives for delivering housing abundance in the City of Boston. Together, we can make Boston a City for everyone:

  • Affordable Housing Overlay: Create abundant housing by expediting approval of affordable homes.
  • Missing Middle Overlay: Foster abundant housing with new missing middle homes by making up to 4-unit housing projects as-of-right within the City of Boston.
  • Eliminate Parking Minimums: Reduce rents and home prices by eliminating parking minimums for all housing projects within the City of Boston.
  • Turn Planning into Zoning: Establish predictable zoning rules to build the safe, green, and equitable communities Bostonians demand and deserve.
  • Housing Production Targets: Establish binding annual housing permitting and production targets per 10,000 residents in the City of Boston.

We strongly believe these key tenets will provide a pathway for a variety of housing options for all. To achieve this, development should be done by limiting or removing arbitrary restrictions and eliminating expensive mandates altogether.

Boston-based AHMA members are invited to join our Boston Committee to advance our policy agenda in the City of Boston. To join our Boston Committee please email

Take Action on Boston’s Squares + Streets initiative

Read AHMA’s full statement here

1/12/24 Update: Our collective advocacy has led to the implementation of the highest density district within the Squares & Streets Initiative. Thank you! Your voice matters and is still needed! The BPDA is seeking feedback to the questions depicted below. Click here to submit your comments and ideas before January 28th. You are also welcome to resubmit new ideas as you have them.

We are counting on you to:

  1. Submit comments using the city’s public comment form including the talking points provided by AHMA, and…
  2. Attend at least one (1) community office hour session and/or a public meeting

The BPDA holds recurring  Squares + Streets Zoning Community Office Hours throughout the process. Please refer to the official page for additional information, events and important dates. 

By actively participating in the Squares+Streets initiative process through public comment and meeting attendance, you are helping bring AHMA’s vision of housing abundance to the City of Boston.

AHMA Talking Points on Squares & Streets

The City of Boston is requesting feedback, in the following format, on the Squares & Streets Initiative. Use these talking points to provide your feedback and make the pro-housing case!