AHMA Executive Director Jesse Kanson-Benanav testifies at the Affordable Homes Act hearing

Boston, Massachusetts – Today, the Joint Committee on Housing in the Massachusetts State Legislature held a hearing for Healey-Driscoll’s housing bond bill, The Affordable Homes Act. The $4 billion plan centers housing production and more affordable housing for residents across the state. 

A key component of the Affordable Homes Act is allowing Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)  built by-right without local permitting.

I applaud the Healey-Driscoll Administration for taking the necessary steps to address the housing shortage that is driving home prices in Massachusetts to record levels with the introduction of the Affordable Homes Act. Along with a historic $4.1 billion financial investment in our state’s future, the Affordable Homes Act will create thousands of new affordable homes by legalizing accessory dwelling units (ADUs) as-of-right statewide. I look forward to working with the legislature and the Administration to pass the Affordable Homes Act this session.”

Jesse Kanson-Benanav, Executive Director of Abundant Housing Massachusetts

State officials announce this would produce more than 8,000 ADUs in the next five years. AHMA Executive Director Jesse Kanson-Benanav spoke favorably in support of the ADU proposal in the Affordable Homes Act. 

This a huge win for state-wide pro-housing organization Abundant Housing Massachusetts.  A key component of their priority bill, An Act to Promote Yes in My Back Yard, is a state-wide law that requires municipalities to allow ADUs by-right. AHMA’s Executive Director Jesse Kanson-Benanav played an integral role in advocating for ADUs during his time as a member of Governor Healey’s Affordable, Abundant Housing Transition Committee.

Kanson-Benanav’s full  statement video will be posted on the MA State Legislature website in the coming weeks. For the written form, click here to read his full statement. 

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