AHMA’s 2024 MBTA Communities Organizing & Education Program: Work with us!

After a successful year organizing in 19 communities and winning in all 12 rapid transit communities, our organizing team is excited to move forward working in Commuter Rail & Adjacent Communities to build support for compliance of the MBTA Communities Act by December 31, 2024. Our goal remains to inform and enlighten stakeholders and residents across the state about the racial, economic, and sustainable benefits of adopting zoning for multi-family housing around transit.

Are you an existing formal or informal pro-housing group that is interested in working with AHMA this year to organize in your community using any of the tactics mentioned above? 

If so, we invite you to express your interest below! We are excited to add a few more communities to our organizing efforts.

Working with us could include:

  •  Financial Assistance (ie; to offset costs such as materials, venue rentals or to financially compensate volunteers for their time/labor)
  • Access to Digital Organizing Tools such as Scale2Win Text-banking & Every Action (ie; email marketing, letter writing campaigns and access to local voter file for base-building and public voter awareness goals)
  • Access to AHMA’s outreach and educational campaign materials (ie; communications toolkit)
  • Assistance developing engaging and creative community based events. 
  • Assistance with organizational strategy setting; such as crafting a shared vision/mission statement, policy agendas and more. 
  • Assistance with strategic communications and public relations via earned media, op-eds and social media campaigns.
  • Direct support from the AHMA Community Organizing team via 1:1 support and/or cohort based meetings.  

Please note, we wish we could work with all communities! While our capacity might be limited, we invite you to express your needs and interest via this form so that we may continue designing the most effective support tools for our network.