#LessonsForYes: What MA Pro-Housers Can Learn from CA Zoning Reform Victories

AHMA Executive Director Jesse Kanson-Benanav leads a conversation with California State Senator Scott Wiener, a leading pro-housing voice in the California legislature.

Massachusetts and California are both growing states that have historically built fewer homes than their residents need, and as a result are epicenters of the housing affordability crisis in the United States. Senator Wiener joined with his colleagues in the legislature to pass a comprehensive set of zoning reform bills that could lead to the creation of many hundreds of thousands of new homes that California needs to combat its severe housing crisis. While Massachusetts made progress towards zoning reforms with the passage of Housing Choice earlier this year, further state action is critical to build the homes people in our Commonwealth need.

Senator Wiener spoke with AHMA about the progress in California, and what we in Massachusetts can do to win similar, big statewide action we desperately need to stem our own housing crisis.